As parents and grandparents, we are always looking for something fun to keep the kids entertained and learning. Paper plate crafts are wonderful and easy. They are also pretty budget-friendly but we won’t tell the kids about that one.

We put together a few of our favorite paper plate crafts to share with you and your family. We have all had tons of fun with these!


This one can be made with your regular issue paper plate and also with any plastic plate as well. We love that this lets us recycle those things we know are not good to be left laying around on our planet.

With a little extra polyfill or cotton balls pulled apart for the clouds, this project is super fun and cute hanging near a vent or fan to gently blow in the breeze. We used crepe paper left over from birthday celebrations, but any lightweight paper would do. Don’t have a lot of colors laying around? Well then, painting can be on the agenda too!

Ribbit Hands

We thought this one was super cute! Using construction paper to trace out and cut hand prints you construct this cute little frog using a paper plate, some googly eyes and a pipe cleaner. Don’t have those lying around? Construction paper or eyes and a mouth cut from a magazine are just as cute.

Boxy Elephant

Grab an old box, a paper plate and some paint! This project is so fun and really brings it your child’s creativity. Let them decide what materials they want to use to create the ears, trunk and tail. You will be amazed by your kiddos wonderful ideas.

Flutter Bys

These adorable butterflies are an easy fun craft. Use a Popsicle stick and some paint or markers with your paper plates. Pipe cleaners make awesome antennae but if you don’t have those laying around, no sweat grab some macaroni noodles or construction paper and there you have it!

Long Neck Love

This paper plate giraffe is a show stopper and tons of fun to make. Old bingo daubers are a fun way to give him his spots. Pompoms and google eyes finish off this cutie, but you can also use painted cotton balls or construction paper to complete this project.

We hope you enjoy these paper plate crafts with your kiddos. We would love to see what you make. Visit us on Facebook and show off what your amazing creative team made and don’t forget to like us!

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