I am always on the lookout for fonts that are FREE and easy to weed.

There is nothing like sitting down to weed something you have created with great excitement just to realize it will never weed correctly. After the 5th or 6th try and a handful or two of hair have been ripped from your head you finally conclude it just isn’t going to work!

This list of easy to weed, FREE, fonts are coming to the rescue! These have all been tested with the Cricut Maker and cut perfectly.

Just click any of the fonts below to download for free from Dafont.com.

I hope you have fun playing with my latest easy to weed finds! The variety in these should give you something for every occasion that won’t lead to hair pulling frustration.

We are calling out to all our crafty peeps out there. Drop us a line and share any paper or art themes you are looking for. You may be the inspiration for our next FREE Art Friday!

Craft on!


DeeAnn is a professional graphic and web designer with a love for all things crafting! She started out her career as a digital illustration artist and loves to use her digital art skills to further her crafting and personal art experiences. She has a loving, if not opinionated, husband, 4 grown children, 3 grandchildren and a Maltese that is her one and only baby in his eyes. He will never believe you if you try to tell him he is a dog.